Given all the recent emergencies and natural disasters, it’s nice to know there’s a company equipped to help with emergency relief. National Response is here to help in an emergency situation. National Response tents and rental equipment

Floods, tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, all leave people in a desperate state. Flooding in Tennessee, Tornadoes in Mississippi, and other recent severe weather can leave people homeless, without access to the basic necessities of life such as clean water, and shelter.

National Response, who is operated by Classic Party Rentals, in conjunction with Prime Event Group and Classic Tents, has a nationwide network of resources. Anywhere you need it, they can set up temporary structures, tents, and emergency housing.

National Response can provide portable restroom facilities, shower trailers, laundry trailers, and a water exchange service, to keep people clean, and provide access to clean water in an emergency.

Large tents can be assembled as temporary shelter and housing. Kitchen equipment, portable power and lights, are a few more of the things they have that will help in a desperate situation. Cots, bedding, tables, and chairs, National Response delivers the highest level of service and standards, even in a disaster situation.

National Response is proudly supports the Military with tent structures, and other required facilities. They have been among the first responders in previous natural disaster situations such as Hurricane Katrina, and Rita.

If a Natural Disaster has affected your area, National Response can provide quality, practical, temporary living quarters quickly and affordably. Find their rental equipment listings here on