Office Parties shared by several businesses are becoming more popular this holiday season. Party and Event rental businesses are putting on some of these multi-business office parties as a way to continue and promote their rental business during the recession. images

Companies struggling with the economic downturn, yet still wanting to say thanks to their employees and reward them with a office party, are finding this a great alternative to the once lavish corporate office parties.

Some Party and Event rental companies, concerned about losing rental business due to the decrease and downsize of corporate office parties, are choosing to host the shared office parties in order to ensure continued party rentals this holiday.

Although it’s not a new idea, it has gained in popularity this year with businesses needing to cut back expenses. And even if the party decorations are not as lavish as they once were there are advantages for small and medium sized businesses getting together to share the holiday celebration. In addition to being a great money saver for employers, the shared office party is a wonderful way for employees from several companies to network, share ideas, advice, and experiences.

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