Winter is a great time of year to tie the knot. A whole different set of ideas, colors, themes, and decorations work well for a winter wedding. In the previous blog I focused on some ideas for winter wedding venues, as well as some rental items to consider, to make a cold winter day nicer for your guests. Here are a few more ideas. Formal wear rentals

The attire for a winter wedding is of course much different from what would be worn in the summer. If you and the wedding party are renting formal wear, look for rich, heavy, warm, fabrics. For the bride, and bridesmaids, full length dresses made from rich velvet, or satin will provide beauty, elegance, and warmth. And if necessary, long, full skirts, can hide warm tights, or even long underwear, if the day is very chilly.

A scarf, wrap, or cape made of velvet, pashmina, or cashmere will provide warmth if the wedding or wedding photography takes place outdoors. Fur, or faux fur muffs, or full length formal gloves are also great for both warmth, and elegance. Flat shoes, or dressy boots may be more practical choices for footwear, and can still be very charming.

Designer jewelry, and fashion accessories that pair nicely with heavier fabrics include choker style necklaces, larger earrings, and chunky jewelry pieces. Find jewelry, and the perfect small clutch or evening bag to perfectly compliment your evening wear, on

A horse drawn sleigh would make the perfect getaway for the newlyweds. If the weather doesn’t co-operate, and there isn’t enough snow, many outfits that offer sleigh rides, also offer wagon rides. A limo rental is a very reliable choice for a winter day, when temperatures are very unforgiving. Hire a Horse Drawn Wagon or Sleigh

Decorating for a winter wedding can be very inspired. Colors might include silver, various shades of blue, violet, lavender, red, or burgundy. Christmas weddings can go with the traditional red, and green, or with other colors such as gold and cream. Incorporate these winter inspired colors into your table linens, chair covers, centerpieces, and other wedding decorations.

Given the dark, longer nights of winter, see what options your party rental store has for lighting. Rent dramatic lighting arrangements to create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding. Rent dramatic lighting for your wedding

Finally, your wedding reception should serve up plenty of warm drinks, and hot comfort food to warm your guests. Rent a large coffee urn, and plenty of chafing dishes to keep food piping hot. Tastes of the season include cranberries, mint, hearty cheeses, winter vegetables, and you can never go wrong with turkey.

Search on to find rental items, transportation for hire, caterers, DJ’s, photographers, and other services you’ll need to have a beautiful winter wedding.