An 80-ft. boom-lift was rented for an animal rescue operation by a women in Glenwood, Iowa after her pet bird escaped over the Easter holidays, and refused to come down from a nearby tree. man lift rental

The bird, a lovely scarlet macaw, worth $2000.00, escaped the home at Easter through an open door. The parrot then perched on some high tree branches, and in it’s distress didn’t know to fly down to safety. During his time outdoors the bird had to endure three days of very rainy and windy weather.

The bird’s owner, worried for her pet, rented an 80 foot man-lift in an attempt to rescue the bird. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain, the manlift became stuck in the mud during the rescue attempt. Finally after three days the parrot was rescued, and the man-lift freed from the mud.

The bird’s owner ended up paying $1000.00 for the man lift rental, which she says was worth it to get her bird back. The macaw is doing fine, but he will be getting his wings clipped now to prevent further escape attempts.

All’s well that ends well. Rental equipment always comes in handy for something, even if it’s slightly different than it’s intended purpose. It’s probably not the first time a Manlift has been rented to rescue a beloved pet.