Traveling with a baby, or with small children can present many challenges for parents. Many babies are only happy in their comfort zone at home, and seriously dislike having their schedule interrupted. If you plan to travel with a baby, or with young children this summer, smooth out the “bumps in the road”, with some Baby Gear Rentals found on

When traveling with a baby, there are certain items that you absolutely must have, and then there are things that make life away from home so much easier, if you have them. Babies have far too many things, for you to be able to bring everything with you that you want, and need. On a trip you may find that you can improvise, and even go without some things. But lets face it, you're probably on a trip to enjoy yourself, and the happier your baby is, the happier you'll be. That's why baby gear rental services are such a boon for parents.

A car seat is definitely one of those things that you must have on a trip, to keep your child safe during any vehicle travel. Not only do you want your child safe, but it is also mandatory in most states and provinces. Other than this important safety item, most other things end up being luxuries, But again, everyone in your family should enjoy their trip, so rent all the baby gear you need, and feel would make the vacation better.

Another important safety item, is a baby gate. If there are stairs where you are staying, rent a baby safety gate to keep your baby or toddler safe.

Your child's sleep is important, and even on holidays you want your baby to get enough rest each day, in a comfortable bed. Rent a crib, so it feels just like home, to your baby. Play pens, also work well for sleeping, and double as a play area. For older children, rent bed rails to keep your toddler from falling out of bed.

Usually holidays involve some sight-seeing, and walking around. You can't carry your baby in your arms the whole time, and even older children get tired, and have a hard time keeping up. Rent a stroller, a wagon, a snugglie, or a child backpack carrier, to take your baby or toddler, out and about, on your trip.

To make feeding an easier experience rent a nursing pillow, bottle warmers, a high chair, a booster seat, and other stuff to make feeding your child as comfortable as at home.

For toddlers and pre-schoolers, if potty training is something you've started at home, don't let all your progress be lost. Rent what you need to continue potty training, while on your vacation.

Babies and children have such active minds and bodies, and as such they need to be kept busy. Most baby gear rental companies have toy rentals, and other interactive things for your child, such as exersaucers, jumper-roos, tricycles, and other great toys to keep your child busy, and entertained.

Most baby gear rental companies offer excellent services such as delivery of the items to the airport, to your hotel, or to your vacation property. Items are sanitized and inspected for safety prior to delivery, ready for your baby to enjoy.

Make your travels with children easier this summer, when you rent baby equipment found on