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Since digital photography has taken over the industry, photography has become? more expensive to pursue than ever, as many photographers struggle to keep up with the ever changing technology. The cameras get more advanced every year, as the technology constantly improves.? And not only do photographers need to keep up with changing camera technology, they also need the latest computers, with plenty of memory space, and constant updates for expensive photography editing programs, and software.

Digital photography has opened up all kinds of creative possibilities, but from a financial perspective, keeping up with technology purchases can leave photographers strapped for cash, making it difficult to purchase all of the other photography equipment needed in the trade.

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Renting photography equipment is also a great solution if you need to replace a broken piece of equipment for a short term, or if you want to upgrade some equipment.? Renting lets you try before you buy. Renting also can be a business write off, and allows you to keep your capital free, when you need your capital to grow other areas of your business.

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