Whether you’re traveling to be with family this coming Christmas, or if you are hosting Christmas Dinner, and putting up out of town guests, you can find last minute things you need to rent, to make your Christmas go smoother, on Rentcharlie.com. Find rental items to make your Holidays go smoother
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For those people traveling with a baby or a small child, you’ll be relieved to find baby gear rentals available in many locations, to help you make your trip with little ones go smoother. No need to try and pack all your baby’s things (not like you could when you’re traveling by air, or when your car is full of presents). Just arrange for all the baby stuff you need to be delivered to the airport, to your hotel, or right to your accommodations.

If your family with small children will be staying with you over Christmas, pick up some baby gear rentals to make their stay more comfortable. Rent a crib, a high chair, bed rails, a stair safety gate, a stroller or a sled, and other baby equipment to make the little one’s stay safe and comfortable.

Make the stay nicer for your adult out of town guests as well, by renting them a guest bed. Don’t make them sleep on the floor, or on the extremely uncomfortable hide-a-bed (remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s back gets wrecked from sleeping on Jerry’s parent’s sofa hide-a-bed). Rent a nice comfortable guest bed, and make sure your guests have a good night’s sleep.

If you’re having a large number of dinner guests, but don’t have enough seating, you can rent tables and chairs to seat everyone comfortably. Or if you’re organizing a large Christmas event, or providing dinner at a shelter or soup kitchen, you can rent all the things you need to make your event run smoother. Rent catering items such as chafing dishes to keep food hot, rent serving dishes, hot plates, and other food service items.

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