Kohler Rental has been called upon to supply portable power, generators, and air conditioning units to the many Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation centers working to save oiled birds, that became oiled from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. brown pelican rescue on Gulf Coast

Kohler Rental has been supplying portable power generators, as well as air conditioning and climate control units for the many wildlife rehabilitation centers set up in the various Gulf Coast States, as well as temporary housing for volunteers and workers working in these temporary facilities.

The power equipment Kohler Rental supplies will power AC units, as well as the equipment used to clean the birds. Kohler Rental is proud to supply the air conditioners and climate control units, as these will keep workers and volunteers comfortable and at their best as they work long hours to save oiled birds. Summers by the Gulf Coast are very hot and humid, and the portable air conditioners will provide much better working conditions for everyone.

The Fort Jackson Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Buras, Louisiana, as well as many centers like it, play an important role in rescuing, cleaning and saving the lives of birds and wildlife that become oiled from the crude oil floating in the Gulf.

Brown pelicans and similar species become oiled as they float on the surface or dive for fish. Once oiled they often lose the ability to fly, to float, and they become ill when they try to groom themselves. If rescued in a timely fashion, and cleaned, the pelicans have a very high survival rate. Birds and wildlife are scrubbed with dishwashing detergent to remove oil, then rinsed and dried. They are given time to recover under observation, before then being released into wildlife refuges located away from the Gulf.