It may be chilly, and winter conditions prevail in many parts of North America, but the Imperial Sand Dunes, just outside Yuma, Arizona, are perfect to visit at this time of year. Explore this very unique landscape with an ATV rental from Jet Rent, and experience the same thrills as professional motorcross riders, as you blast over miles and miles of unending sand dunes.Jet Rent ATV Rentals
Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest city in the USA, and it’s popularity is undeniable, as many snowbirds flock here during the winter months to escape the colder climates. The desert, and sand dunes around Yuma offer unique landscapes, and large protected areas are set aside for habitat preservation, and for recreation.

The Imperial Sand Dunes are some of the biggest inland sand dunes on the continent, and this desolate looking landscape has been the filming location of many movies throughout the years, including the hugely popular Star Wars, as well as many others.

80,000 acres have been set aside just for off-highway vehicle use in the Imperial Sand Dunes, and this attracts riders from all over. Camping is also available, and there are plenty of campgrounds, with facilities available. Jet Rent has toy haulers available for rent, so you can camp, after your day of riding.

Jet Rent gets you out there exploring, and thrill-seeking with ATV rentals, such as the Honda 250 Recon, and the Honda 450r. Side-by-side off road vehicles are available for rent as well, such as the Yamaha Rhino, in a two seat or a four seat unit. These are perfect for exploring the dunes, and the wildlife areas, as a family, or as a group of friends.

Just because it’s the desert, doesn’t mean that there aren’t watersports to enjoy. Near Yuma is the Colorado River, as well as Martinez Lake, and many other reservoirs and dams, which are very popular places to Jetski. Jet Rent has the Yamaha Waverunner, and the Honda AquaTrax available for rent, to get you out on the water, where you can cool off from the desert heat.

Jet Rent knows the popularity of the area around Yuma, and how it has become a playground for many people. That’s why they have a huge fleet of recreational rentals available. Jet Rent is open year round, to make sure you never miss a chance to go riding. If you visit Yuma, be sure to check out Jet Rent, and take in the sights of the area with one of the recreational vehicle rentals that they offer.