The popular colors for weddings, events, fashion, and home design are constantly changing every year, and even every season. Influencers, such as Pantone, with their teams of fashion, and home design experts set the color trends for each year, constantly providing us with new inspiration. Whether you follow the popular color trends for this year, or use your own imagination, here are some things to consider when you’re choosing colors for your wedding or event. bright, bold wedding colors

It’s up to you

Most wedding and event planners will tell you that although there are current, popular color trends, ultimately it’s whatever the client wants. Popular colors are fine, but let your own imagination guide you to your favorite colors and ideas for your wedding. Whatever meaning and inspiration is behind your choice, don’t let the “experts” make you feel it’s wrong.

Work with your Surroundings

A big factor when choosing the colors for your wedding will be the season, as well as your venue. It’s important to work with your setting and surroundings, not against them. Spring colors may not work as well in the fall, for example. And there may be a feature, or color at your wedding venue, that almost demands you to work with it. These factors will become quite clear, as you make your wedding decisions.

Colors that are too close to black should be avoided

Outdoors it’s not such a problem, but once your wedding reception moves indoors, or when night falls, colors such as plum, or deep red, look, and photograph, as black. With all of the great color choices out there, there are always alternatives to the deep, heavy tones.

What’s “old is new”, just make sure it’s not “over”

With the resurgence of vintage wedding themes, and comebacks of colors that are a blast from the past, explore the trends enough to know what is current, but don’t make the mistake of choosing colors that have been recently “done to death”. Nobody wants to be caught in a rut, or considered out of style. Vintage wedding decorations

The classics are always in

Some things just always seem to work, and never go out of style. No one wants to look back at their wedding photos in several years, and think how dated they look.
White on white is poplar now, and doesn’t date itself. Use creams, off whites, and various pastel shades to add variation to this subtle look.
Black, also never goes out of style, and it’s easy to work with when finding bridesmaid’s dresses, and tuxes. Add a splash of your favorite color, or some metallics, to give black some drama.

Meaningful Inspiration

Let things from your life, family, and loved ones help you find inspiration. The color of your husband’s birthstone, or yours, or your birth month flower, could provide a place to start. Use colors that have cultural meaning, or significance to you and your fiancee. Perhaps it could be the color you wore, when you first met. There are many ideas to make your color choice significant, and meaningful for you, and your spouse.Culturally inspired wedding colors