Hewden, a large heavy equipment rental company in the United Kingdom, has teamed up with the charity organization CRASH, to raise money and awareness for the homeless people, in the UK.hewden Equipment rentals_logo

Hewden is encouraging construction sites to keep their rental equipment over the holidays at the site, rather than returning it for the holidays, and then renting it again after the holiday season. The money saved from not having to transport the rental equipment will be donated to the charity CRASH, for helping the homeless. Not transporting equipment over the holidays will also benefit the environment, reducing the impact by not having more trucks and moving equipment on the roads.

Jeff Schofield, Sales and Marketing Director at Hewden said: “At this time of year there is an increase in transport activity as equipment is often off hired only to be redelivered after the Christmas break. By encouraging our customers to keep kit safe and secure on-site, we can instead donate to a worthy cause, and also reduce the impact on the environment”.

Hewden staff will be involved in fundraising for the 12 Days of Christmas, and they'll provide a Christmas Dinner for the Homeless as well. Hewden has also set up an Online Grotto to provide construction companies with a one-stop place to do Christmas related things, such as shopping, free Christmas e-Cards, links to best buys, and Christmas music to get construction crews into the Christmas spirit.