I can't think of anything more satisfying than growing your own vegetables, and enjoying freshly picked produce right from your own backyard. With all the talk of purchasing locally grown, organic food, and going green, this is as green as it gets.
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If your backyard is large enough, the easiest thing to do is to simply cultivate a garden plot with a garden tiller or rototiller. A garden tiller can easily be rented from your local Tools and Equipment Rental Store.

Give your plot a good cultivating, break up any lumps, get rid of any rocks, work in some compost, and then you are ready to start planting. OK, I make it sound like it's so easy. It can be quite physically hard work, but I always found it to be very satisfying and rewarding. The hardest part is preparing the plot the first year. After that it is much easier.

Speaking of compost, it goes hand in hand with growing your own garden. You can purchase a variety of different backyard composters, or you can build your own. Any tools you need for this construction project, well you know where to look now for tool rentals.

Composting is great. Yet another way to live a more sustainable lifestyle, by keeping kitchen waste out of the landfill, and making it into a useful product for your garden.

If you find you don't have enough space for a garden plot, particularly if you're an urban dweller who has a small yard, or maybe only a patio, you can still grow your own garden. One great way, is to build raised beds or boxes where you can plant your own food. It will be a bit more pricey to get started, but again, you only need to buy the materials, not the tools. Those you can rent from your local Tools and Equipment store.

Raised beds and garden boxes are a great way to enjoy growing a garden. They are typically much easier to tend and maintain than an entire garden plot. And they are a very attractive addition to your outdoor space.

Enjoy fresh produce all summer long, and perhaps you'll even have enough to preserve some for the winter months.
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