Got the Home Decorating bug? Are you thinking about updating the look of your home? 2011 has some exciting color trends, and home decorating trends that will chase away your doldrums, and create a fresh new look for your home. And painting is one of the easiest, and most rewarding DIY projects anyone can tackle. It doesn't need to be expensive, either, especially if you rent the tools you need for the job. rent painting tools and equipment to create modern look
2011 offers a variety of color schemes to match many tastes and home decor styles. From a romantic gothic look, to Tokyo Pop, colors and accents can be mixed and matched to create the desired effect. Grey is the popular back-round color, from deep charcoal hues to light silvery tones, grey is set off nicely with shades of purple. From smokey violets to vintage wines, grape, and burgundy, with a touch of raspberry red accents, the look is very romantic and luxurious.

Other popular color schemes this year include pinks, especially hot, vibrant, bubble gum pinks, lively shades of lemon yellow, or olive green and taupe. From the blue end of the spectrum, teal is popular, as well as deep twilight blues. Home decor magazines and websites have great ideas and inspiration on how to put it all together to get the look you're after for your home. rent painting tools to create this look

Once you're excited and armed with ideas and inspiration, it's time to get to work. Proper surface preparation is key for any painting project. Removing any old loose paint, plaster, dirt, or debris is important. A palm sander, or power sander, as well as a power drill with a wire brush attachment are handy tools to have that will make the job easier, and these can be rented at your local tool rental store.

Fill holes and imperfections with putty using a putty knife, and put caulking around doors and windows using a caulking gun.

Floors and furniture should be covered with drop clothes to protect them. Although cheap drop clothes can be purchased, renting good quality drop clothes may be more worth you while, for better protection, and also you're not disposing of a product afterward.

Standard paint brushes, rollers and corner tools are commonly used for painting, but if you want to achieve a really professional, flawless, painting finish, rent a HVLP paint sprayer with an air compressor, to spray the paint over your walls. No lines, roller marks, or brush marks to deal with, and a nice even painted surface, will make the job look like it was done by professionals, and for a fraction of the cost.

For painting ceilings, or walls where you want a textured finish, a texture sprayer can be rented. Get creative with various paint textures, and create a unique paint finish for your ceilings and walls.

Other items you may need to rent for your painting project are ladders, a respirator or face mask, and a wallpaper steamer, if you need to remove old wallpaper before you begin.

Get creative this spring. Roll up your sleeves, and decorate your home to a new, fresh, modern look. Find the rentals you need for your project right here on