GPS Tracking Equipment is now commonly being used by Rental Equipment Companies to trace stolen rental equipment. GPS chips installed in rental equipment help rental companies and police know when a piece of equipment is stolen, and trace it to where it is being kept. nero-global-tracking

Rental Companies using GPS security and tracking technology use a virtual fence, and alarm. When the equipment is moved from the perimeter of the fence, a silent alarm is tripped. This method of GPS tracking allows police to be able to quickly respond to thefts, catching criminals in the act. This ability to catch thieves in the act, and trace stolen goods often leads to other arrests, as the equipment is often used in organized crime.

The Bobcat Skidsteer, and Generators are some of the the most popular Rental Equipment being stolen. Generators are often used in grow operations, to provide power. Bobcats often end up in theft rings for resale, chop shops, and other organized crime rings.

Nero Global Tracking is one of the providers of this type of GPS service. In addition to being a great way to recover stolen property and rental equipment, GPS is great for equipment and resource management. GPS provides the ability to see how many hours a piece of rental equipment has been used, a great tool for rental companies.