Perhaps you’ve just learned the news. Or maybe the reality of it is starting to show, as the months slip by, and this new phase of life which you’ll soon be entering becomes apparent. You’re expecting, and soon a new baby will enter your life, and change your entire world as you know it. getting ready for a newborn
Whether this is your first baby, or if you already have children, preparing your home for a newborn is undeniably a big task for both new and veteran parents. Most of us realize, once we’ve gotten used to the reality of what will transpire in the next few months, that our current home is not perfectly suited to life with a newborn.? Most expecting parents come to the conclusion that changes will need to be made.

This of course, means different things to different people. If you’re currently renting a one bedroom apartment, you might decide that now is the time to rent a house, or at least a two bedroom condo. Or if you already have children, you may need to rent a bigger house, with more bedrooms.

Keep in mind that your newborn can share your room with you, at least for a while. You’ll be more quick to hear, and respond to your newborn’s needs, (but you’ll likely suffer a bit in the sleep department yourself). Older siblings can share bedrooms too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that moving is extremely hard work. It may be difficult for a pregnant woman, who is experiencing extreme fatigue, nausea, etc., to help with all the packing and unpacking required. Ideally, if you do plan to move, the second trimester is the best time, for most women. Of course, if you wait, moving will be that much more difficult after your baby is born.

If you own your own home, many expecting parents feel that certain home renovations are necessary before their baby is born, in particular a bedroom must be converted into a nursery or baby room. Although creating the ultimate bedroom space for your new baby is certainly a project new parents get excited about, you need to keep your budget in mind, as your new baby will need lots of different baby gear in addition to their new bedroom. If you plan to do the renovations yourself to save money, then you may want to rent the tools and equipment you need for completing this project, to save your family even more money. Turning a bedroom into a Nursery

Remember to use low VOC paints and environmentally friendly products for finishing your baby’s room. You don’t want the paint, moldings, or flooring off gassing, and introducing harmful chemicals to your precious, fragile, newborn baby. Completing you baby’s room at least a month before he or she is born is also ideal, so the room can air out, and get rid of the fresh paint smell.

Baby’s have a lot of gear that helps make life with them safer, and easier, but all this baby gear can take up a lot of space. With the crib, baby swing, high chair, jolly jumper, play pen, and changing table, you’ll realize your space fills up very quickly. It’s best to downsize before your baby arrives, and get rid of all your clutter, and any seldom or never used items. If you aren’t quite ready to part with certain items, but you need them out of the way, consider renting a storage space, until you are sure if you need those items, or not. (Hey, sometimes it’s hard for prospective parents to admit they might not get to do daredevil sports anymore, or work on hot rod cars.)

Congratulations to all of you out there who are expecting a baby! Whatever steps you decide to take to make this transition, will help you quickly and easily find everything you need in the rental department.