We've enjoyed a spectacular fall, with fabulous colors, and many warm days. But the beautiful colored leaves are quickly dispatched by the wind, and have now carpeted everyone's lawns, patios, and driveways. Clean up leaves and debris this fall with a Leaf Blower Rental found on Rentcharlie.com.leaf blower rental

Find Leaf Blowers, along with many other Lawn and Garden Tools and Equipment rentals, from rental companies best online price for viagra all across the United States and Canada. Get your yard cleaned up before winter, and save yourself back straining labour when you rent one of the various types of Stihl Blowers for cleaning your yard.

Many rental companies carry high quality Stihl Brand products that people have come to know for ease of use, and trouble free operation. Rent a Stihl Electric Blower for a lightweight and quiet yard cleaning tool. Ask your rental center about an optional vacuum kit that the Stihl electric blowers can be fitted with.

Stihl Hand Held Blowers are more powerful than the electric blowers, and quickly clean up yard debris. The hand held blowers have optional vacuum attachments to pick up your leaves, and roof gutter cleaning attachments, as well.

The Stihl Backpack Blowers offer the most power and can even do the job at a commercial landscape. For large areas that will take a long time to clean, the Backpack Blower is ergonomically designed for comfort even during extended use.

In addition to a leaf blower, Stihl offers a Shredder, that can convert into a Vacuum/Blower for all around yard maintenance. The Vacuum/Shredder will pick up large amounts of fallen leaves, grass clippings, and other yard debris, and shred it, reducing the debris to less than 10% of it's original volume. It makes great mulch, wonderful for mulching and protecting your perennial garden, and also reduces organic waste being sent to the landfill.

Make sure to check out these great Stihl products at your local Tools and Equipment rental company found on Rentcharlie.com.