Fall is a wonderful time to travel to the coast. The fall colors are amazing, the beaches are less crowded, and it’s a great time to go crabbing. If you’ve been needing to recharge your batteries, there’s never been a better time. Book yourself a fall vacation today, and find any rental items you may need on Rentcharlie.comRent a car to explore scenic backroads

Rent a car, and explore the scenic routes, and charming towns of the Eastern states. See covered bridges. lighthouses, fantastic fall scenery, and quaint fishing villages. There are plenty of Fall festivals to take in, to experience the local culture, music, and beverages. Enjoy the local fine dining, especially fresh seafood, when you stop along the way.

If you decide to get your own catch-of-the-day hire a fishing charter to take you out, and experience deep sea fishing or crabbing. If you want to try your luck at crabbing from a dock, small crab pots can be rented from local businesses.

Explore the shoreline from a kayak or canoe, which can also be rented locally. It’s invigorating and relaxing at the same time, and a wonderful way to connect with nature. Or rent a bike, and enjoy the scenic paths and trails, through old forests, and along scenic coastlines. Rent a bike to explore scenic coastlines

If the weather turns nasty for a day, as it sometimes does in the fall, check out the local museums, art galleries, and shopping and see what the local businesses have to offer.

One of the biggest decisions of any trip is where to stay. If you want to experience the ultimate in East coast hospitality, search for cottage rentals, bed and breakfasts, and other Vacation Property rentals on Rentcharlie.com, and let yourself be pampered in a luxury accommodation. Given the rich history of the New England states, you may find a haunted house or hotel, to add some spookiness, and mystery to your trip.

Some great places on the East coast to enjoy a relaxing fall vacation include North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Maine, in the United States, and Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia in Canada.