With all the watery, slushy mess that winter brings, resulting in slippery, messy floors, make sure your business always has clean floor mats when you rent floor mats from Executive Mat Service. Find them here on Rentcharlie.com.Floor Mat Rentals, Uniform Rentals

I remember being at work one winter day, a few years ago, when an unfortunate customer had a bad fall on the wet floor as he was walking out. There were some floor mats in the building, but not all walkways were covered. Fortunately he wasn't seriously hurt, but these types of accidents can easily be prevented with floor matting covering all high traffic walkways.

Executive Mat Service provides floor mats for rent in a wide variety of sizes and colors. With rental services in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver, BC, and Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Executive Mat Service is western Canada's premier floor mat rental company.

Executive Mat Service will install your floor mats for you, and regularly exchange them for clean ones. They also rent Anti-fatigue matting, a product I can also say I appreciated the benefits of, at various jobs I've had where we did a lot of standing. Be kind to your employee's feet, and rent anti-fatigue floor mats for them to stand on.

Executive Mat Service provides many other services, and professional products for rent, as well. Rent uniforms for employees, including coveralls and shop coats, high visibility work-wear, and flame resistant work wear. They also rent professional wear, work shirts, and work pants. Have clean, fresh uniforms delivered weekly, for all your employees. Have all your employees looking very well-groomed, and make a professional image for your business.

Executive Mat Service offers rentals for the food service industry as well, including chef's uniforms, aprons, cook shirts and towels. Rent table clothes, linens, napkins, and kitchen matting, too.

Executive Mat Service also rents janitorial supplies, such as mops, cleaning equipment, towels, and enviro-towels.

With a known track record for excellent customer service, Executive Mat Service can boast winning the RBC Small Business of the Year Award in 2007, and they've been featured in Business Excellence Magazine, and Positive Impressions Magazine.

Executive Mat Service has all that you need for a professional looking, safety conscious, well run business. Check them out today, and rent the supplies your business needs to operate smoothly, safely, and efficiently.