If you’re thinking about making your home more energy efficient there are lots of great ideas out there. When you go to tackle your project lessen your environmental impact even more and rent the tools you need. Find tools and equipment to rent right here on Rentcharlie.com rent tools to tackle home projects

Many green, home energy saving projects are more affordable than you think. There are many easy weekend projects you can do that will start saving you money in energy costs. The Green Home Guide is a great resource, and they have an informative article on 15 Green Projects for under $500 that’s worth consideration.

Build a Clothesline, add a tube-type skylight, install a recirculating pump under the sink, install a programmable thermostat, plant deciduous trees, create a rain garden, install a smart ceiling fan, build a compost bin, and replacing can lights, these are just some of the great, affordable ways you can save energy costs around your home.

Most of the mentioned projects will require the use of a few tools to get the job done. If you don’t own the tools you need, renting tools and equipment is a great alternative. Renting will save you money, and you’ll be doing the green thing by not over-consuming products you only occasionally need.

For the aforementioned projects you may need to rent a post hole auger, a small concrete mixer, a drill, a saw, plumbing tools, wrenches, gardening tools, and other tools and equipment to help you complete your projects. On Rentcharlie.com there are all these and plenty more tools and equipment rentals to be found in a city or town where you live.

Take action and start turning your home into a more energy efficient place to live today.