The current state of our Planet should be a cause for concern for all of us. It is time for everyone to look for ways to lessen our impact. One way of doing this is by renting items instead of buying them. images

Renting, although not a new concept, should be considered as a way to “go green”. When you rent an item instead of purchasing that item, you lessen your impact on the environment by consuming less, and by reusing an item over and over.

Lets use cordless power tools as an example. The tool requires many resources to make it’s parts, a factory or plant to manufacture it, all kinds of packaging to encase it, shipping to get it into distribution, and a big box store to sell it. That equals a lot of consumption for you to have a tool that you may only occasionally need.

When you buy that power tool, that you only needed for one project, and seldom look at after that, you end up needing extra space in your garage to store it. Not the best use of your valuable space from a practical or environment perspective.

And finally one of the worst things about the over consumption of cordless power tools is the rechargeable batteries, once they no longer hold a charge (which happens quickly with inactivity), and the disposal of them. The heavy metals and chemicals in Ni-Cad batteries are extremely toxic. If we can stop consuming products with these batteries, all the better.

By renting occasionally needed tools and equipment you break this chain of over consumption of products. 1 tool for 100 people to rent, is far less consumption and resulting waste than 100 tools, 1 for each person.

Here at we know that renting is a green alternative, and we want to support the rental community and renters as they make this green choice to Rent rather than Buy.