Given that many Bride’s and Grooms are paying for their own Weddings now, and needing to do it on a budget, the DIY Wedding has become a very popular phenomenon. With the rise of so many great Wedding websites, Pinterest, Facebook, and other Social Networks, planning and gathering great ideas for your wedding, has never been easier. DIY Wedding Decorations

But is there a point couples reach when it becomes too much DIY? Many vendors and rental businesses are suffering from the rise in DIY event planning. Their professional services, vast experience, and wide selection of rental products can certainly benefit many weddings and events, yet many people may not even consider hiring them, and just assume their prices are too high.

Many Brides enjoy planning their wedding to the last detail, preparing many of their decorations, favors, and many other niceties. But can it all get to be too much, and what things should you leave to the wedding experts? It all depends on the couple, their resources, talents, strengths, and weaknesses.

For starters, Wedding couples need to be honest with themselves about their abilities, and what is reasonable to accomplish in time for their wedding. If Brides want to do it all, they need to make sure that they have plenty of time, and select projects within their capabilities.

If time is not something you have a lot of, and if you don’t have a lot of outside help or support, then you may not want to take on too much yourself. The flip side is, if you do have people willing to help, you may end up imposing too many duties, chores, and responsibilities on your family and friends, and be the cause of strained relationships, while trying to make everyone help you with your dream Wedding.

Consider how much money you will really save. Marketers are onto the whole DIY phenomenon too, increasing prices, so that you may not really save as much as you might think. It’s a good idea to shop and compare, and never just assume that one way of doing things is cheaper. Wedding and Event rental companies have huge inventories of decorations, event lighting, linens, and many other items, that may be rented for very affordable prices.

Sometimes spending more money, and getting professional quality and service is well worth it. One Example is Wedding Tents, which can be bought cheaply from big retailers, and department stores. This may seem like a great way to save money, if your wedding is to be outside, but these tents are flimsy, and may actually pose a safety risk to your guests, especially in bad weather. It’s much better to rent a high quality wedding tent, which the rental company will set up securely for you, and ensure the safety of your guests.

Other examples of things best left to the professionals include catering, photography, and music services. Hire a trusted caterer to ensure your guests have great food, have the music for your wedding dance done by a professional DJ or Band, to ensure the dance is a success, and as the photos are the only really lasting part of your Wedding Day, and all the hard work that went into it, those should be handled by an experienced professional as well. Many other things are debatable, and depend on your abilities, as to whether or not you hire someone, or do it yourself.

Doing some parts of your wedding can be fun, exciting, and a way to let your creativity shine. Doing too much can be stressful, frustrating, and end with wasted money, and poor results. Find your balance, and don’t try to take on too much. Let the professionals help you, and do what they’re best at, leaving you to enjoy your day.