Although summer is the time of year the majority of people choose for their wedding, a winter wedding offers endless possibilities, that are unique to the season. Although some special considerations will have to be taken into account,? a winter wedding can be a very beautiful occasion.Indoor Winter Wedding Venues

It is possible for a winter wedding to be more affordable than a summer one. Winter is the “off season” for weddings, and your party rentals, and event service providers, may cost less during the months when they are not in high demand. If you plan to have your wedding during the Christmas season, though, prices may be high, as there are many parties and events happening at the same time. But a Christmas wedding may cost you less, in other areas, such as decorations, as many of the venues will already be decorated.

It’s very likely that you’ll want to choose an indoor wedding venue, when the temperatures dip below freezing, as they do in many parts of the country, during the winter. Many fabulous indoor wedding venues are available. You may choose to have your wedding in a church, with the perfect ambiance of candlelight, and stained glass windows. Other great ideas for an indoor wedding venue include an art gallery, a museum, a ski resort, or a lodge.

With the possibility of severe winter weather, and poor road conditions, you may want to consider having your wedding ceremony and reception all at one location, to reduce the amount of travel for your guests. A hotel with a banquet room, a ski resort, a lodge, or a community center, with a banquet room or meeting facility are all great places to host your entire wedding. A banquet room with a wood burning fireplace would be perfect, providing warmth, and ambiance.

Perhaps you think it will be incredibly romantic to have your wedding ceremony outdoors. Outdoor winter wedding venues can include places like an outdoor skating rink, winter gardens, or scenic mountain vistas. If the weather co-operates, it isn’t too cold, and you get just enough snow to make everything sparkle, an outdoor wedding can be very enchanting.Find rentals for an outdoor winter wedding

If you do plan to have a winter wedding outdoors some special considerations may be needed. You should definitely have a back-up indoor wedding venue nearby, or perhaps a tent rental, if the temperatures are very cold, or wet. An aisle runner, and outdoor carpet, are good rental items to help keep your guests and wedding parties’ feet dry, if the ground is cold or wet.

Sometimes winter conditions turn out differently than you’d expect, and you might find that there is no snow for your winter wedding. If you had planned on the magical glitter of snow on the ground, and in the air, and the weather isn’t co-operating, you can rent a snow machine, and get the snowy sparkle you hoped for.

Some courtesies should be considered for your guests, if they must endure cold weather to come to your wedding. One is to hire a shuttle service, or rent group transportation. Group transportation will provide safety, so all of your wedding guests won’t need to drive on treacherous winter roads. It’s also nice for guests to be dropped off right outside the door of the wedding venue, so they don’t have to walk a long ways on cold slippery sidewalks, if parking happens to be further away.

Rent portable heaters, if the extra heat is needed at your wedding location. Sometimes even indoor venues can be chilly.

Make sure you have a refreshment area, or hot beverage bar set up to warm your guests. Rent large coffee urns, and chafing dishes to serve beverages like hot chocolate, cider, and mulled wine.

With careful planning, plenty of consideration given to the weather conditions, and making things comfortable for you and your guests, a winter wedding can be a very lovely and intimate affair. Find rental items for your winter wedding on