It's time we all took a hard look at our over-consumption as a society, and made changes in our lifestyle to reduce waste, and reuse items. Renting accomplishes both of these environmental cornerstones, cornerstones that we need to spend more time focusing on. renting cuts down on E-waste

Electronics are a widely consumed product in our daily lives. Televisions, flat-screen monitors, computers, and laptops, we all use them in our daily lives. But our desire to always possess the latest and most up-to-date technology, as well as obsolescence, the manufacturing of a product to wear out or become obsolete in a short time, has led to huge mountains of E-waste (electronic waste), and the difficulties that arise with the safe disposal of it.

Technology changes so rapidly, and here in North America the amount of E-waste we create each year is phenomenal. Renting Electronic items may be one way to help cut down on the amount of E-waste we produce. Individuals or businesses can rent current computers and electronics, and then return them to the rental company in exchange for newer technology, when it's time to upgrade.

Then those people who don't mind using slightly older computers, and people who don't mind using a slightly older model of television, can rent the electronic items, for a reduced rental fee. Since the computers or electronics are being rented and used again and again, it keeps them from being discarded after only a short time.

Renting cordless power tools is another way to cut down on E-waste. The rechargeable batteries in cordless tools contain toxic chemicals, and it's important to keep this type of waste out of landfills. Say you purchase a cordless drill for one little project. Then it sits in your garage for a long time before you need it again. The next time you need it, the batteries won't keep a charge, so you need new rechargeable batteries (which cost nearly as much as the drill itself) and discard the old ones. From an environmental, and economical perspective, it makes much more sense to rent the seldom used power tools.

Renting electronics may not be ultimate, or only solution possible for reducing E-waste, but it can be considered as one alternative. It certainly has the potential to cut down on the number of items being discarded, when an item can be used over and over by several different people.

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