Given the popularity of Destination Weddings, there is no end to the possibilities to consider, and choices of places to host your destination wedding. Of course, all of these places are vying for your wedding budget to be spent at their location, so it’s important to choose wisely, and find a place that reflects your personality, and interests as a couple. Banff Springs Hotel, Wedding venues in Banff

Probably the most popular choice, for most couples, is to have their destination wedding at a beach. Exotic, tropical, warm climates, and beautiful sandy beaches, can be found all over the world, each country with it’s own charm, and unique culture. From Mexico, to the Caribbean, French Polynesia, or Hawaii, there are many choices for a beach wedding.

If you want a beach wedding that is a little closer to home (for some people it may be right in your own backyard), there are plenty of great beaches in North America, each with their own charm, and attraction. Florida boasts miles and miles of beautiful white sand beaches, and breathtaking views. Louisiana, also has wonderful beaches, and the enchanting city of New Orleans, full of history, great music, and great food.

The beaches of the New England states also boast fantastic scenery, historic sites, quaint towns and villages, and winning hospitality. The rugged beauty of the West Coast beaches, should not be overlooked, either. With their untamed coastline, and the old growth forests, California, Oregon, and Washington, offer a mystical quality, that captures the imagination.

For a memorable winter wedding, Canada offers couples a fabulous winter wonderland setting, in locations such as Banff, Lake Louise, Whistler, and Montreal, Quebec. Enjoy the beauty of winter outdoors, and the inviting, warm hospitality indoors.

Weddings at Drumtochty CastleOn the other side of the Atlantic, a destination wedding in the UK lets you experience old world history, and a fairy tale wedding, when you rent a castle. One of my personal favorites for a wedding castle, is Drumtochty Castle, in Scotland. The best thing about Drumtochty Castle, that sets it apart from the many castles available for rent in the UK, is that you get to rent the entire castle for you and your guests, for the whole weekend. Not only do you get to have your ceremony there, and wedding reception in a fabulous ballroom, but you and your guests get to stay in the splendid guest rooms in the castle. It’s the perfect wedding venue, and vacation property all rolled into one.Drumtochty Castle Ballroom

There are so many possibilities for your destination wedding. Travel to new and exciting locations can really capture your imagination, and delight the senses. Although tropical beaches are the most popular, don’t forget to consider the allure and charm that many other destinations can offer.