Obviously, the auto industry has been an industry of great interest since the economy has taken a turn for the worse. The auto industry will be forced to make drastic changes to its existing business model in order to survive in a post bail out world. This has had a similar effect on the car rental industry which could mean more affordable pricing for their customers.On March 30/09 over 400 auto rental professionals took part in the annual Car Rental Show at the Las Vegas Hilton. It’s been a tough year for the auto industry as a whole with bankruptcies, the credit crunch and decreased travel across North America and around the worldinflatables for sale cheap.
Dino Bavadi, Vice President of Business Development for Blue Oval Car Rental sees reason for optimism:

“The credit problems are a big concern, of course, but that has finally put the industry on course to ask a fair price for the vehicles we rent. The companies still standing now have a better recognition for rational pricing. That is good for everybody.”