The Center for Environmental Health, and the Attorney General for California have discovered that some of the vinyl used in the making of Bounce Houses has been found to contain unsafe levels of lead. Bounce Houses are a popular Party Equipment Rental for children’s birthday parties, as well as other child and family oriented events. bounce house rentals

Bounce Houses were tested and found to have between 5,000 parts per million (ppm) and 29,000 ppm of lead contained in the vinyl that makes up the walls and floor of the inflatable unit. The federal limit or allowable level on children’s products is 90 ppm for painted surfaces, and 300 ppm for other parts. It should be stressed, though that there is no “safe” level of lead exposure, particularly when children are concerned. It is important to eliminate exposure to lead wherever possible.

The exposure of the children to the lead in the Bounce Houses would occur from the exposure of the skin to the lead while playing, and then passing from hands to mouth. Children have been known to spend many hours playing in inflatables, thereby increasing their exposure.

A lawsuit is in effect, with the intention of forcing companies to stop using lead-containing vinyl, and to stop selling products containing lead. It would also give purchasers of these products prior warning, and require rental companies of these products to post warnings.

“Kids at birthday parties can spend hours playing in bounce houses,” Brown, the Attorney General, said. “The goal of our lawsuit is to eliminate any chance they will be exposed to lead while they’re jumping around having a good time.”

Companies named in the lawsuit include:

  • Bay Area Jump
  • Cutting Edge Creations
  • Funtastic Factory, known as
  • Magic Jump
  • Leisure Activities Co.
  • Thrillworks
  • The Inflatable Store
  • Jump for Fun, Inc.
  • Jump for Fun National, Inc.

Attorney General Brown has commenced several lawsuits and enforcement actions against manufacturers and retailers of products for children, found to contain lead.