The adventure of a lifetime, and a chance to hunt some really big game, awaits hunters and outdoor enthusiasts this fall. If you’re seeking miles and miles of pristine wilderness, wide open spaces, and bountiful game, the Canadian backcountry offers all these things. Plan the perfect guy getaway this fall with a hunting trip to the North. Hunting trips in Canada
Canada is a huge country, and getting to your desired destination can take many days of travel, if you drive. You can rent a car, or if you want to shorten your travel time considerably, you can hire a charter flight to take you to the more remote areas, where the best hunting can be found. You won’t be disappointed, as the scenery from the air is just as breathtaking as on the ground.

There are many outfitters, and hunting guides offering all inclusive guided hunting tours. Experienced guides take outdoorsman to the best hunting grounds during the day, and evenings are spent in rustic, comfortable accommodations, as hunters relive the adventures of the day, while enjoying down home cooking.

To get deep into the backcountry, you may want to rent an ATV, or hire an outfitter with horses to travel overland. You can charter a riverboat, or a jetboat to follow the rivers far into the wilderness, where there are no accessible roads. Hunt for moose, elk, deer, and even bear, in the remote reaches of the Canadian wilderness.

Traveling so far into the bush requires hunters to set up a camp each night, as there are no hotels in the backcountry. Rent the best camping gear available to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable while you are on a hunting trip. Rent high quality tents, shelters, sleeping bags, campstoves, and other essentials. You may also be able to rent hunting gear such as tree stands. blinds, rangefinders, GPS’s, binoculars, and other hunting gear.

Out of country hunters will need to check all of the requirements for licencing and documentaiion for hunting in Canada. If you are hiring a guide or outfitter, they will be able to help you obtain all the necessary documentation.

Experience pristine nature and the outdoors, while having the thrill of a lifetime, when you go hunting in the Canadian wilderness.