Many couples who had been planning a beach wedding along the Gulf of Mexico, are now canceling their wedding plans, and moving their wedding elsewhere, due to the BP Oil spill. The effect on the Wedding Rental industry has been disastrous.Florida beach wedding rentals

The Florida Panhandle, an extremely popular beach wedding destination, has been nicknamed the “Las Vegas” of beach weddings. With it’s powder white sand, turquoise waters, and beautiful sunsets, the Panhandle provides the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding. But now, with tar balls washing up on some beaches, many couples are faced with the decision of whether or not to go ahead with their beach wedding plans.

And of course, it’s not just the Florida Panhandle, but all the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, including Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Wedding rental companies, and wedding service providers such as DJ’s, photographers, caterers, and event co-ordinators are reporting that they are getting only half of the bookings they normally have at this time of year for weddings, and lots of cancellations.

Vacation property rentals are losing a lot of business also, when a couple cancels their beach wedding plans. From losing the couple’s own beachfront property rental, to all the wedding guests that they won’t get the opportunity to rent to, it is a discouraging situation.

Some couple’s have been determined to have a beach wedding no matter what. Some have pulled off their wedding day with few or little difficulties. From a few tar balls on the beach, to hazmat teams working in the backround, many brides who went ahead with their beach wedding are happy with how the day went, despite these issues.

Some couple’s are attempting to keep their plans if the beaches stay clean, but have alternate locations in place if the beach becomes oil covered. This makes for some very tricky last minute plans, and can be difficult for wedding rental companies to accommodate.

There are many ripple effects in the economy due to the BP Oil Spill disaster. Most couple’s don’t want to risk having their day ruined by tar covered beaches. So all the people and businesses involved in these weddings lose valuable business that they very much need right now.

Rental companies and wedding service providers say they are very thankful and grateful to the determined couple’s who plan to have a beach wedding anyway.