Auto Leasing is once again gaining in popularity, after manufactures and car dealers had shifted away from it in 2008.
The return to auto leasing comes after a year of lower used car trade in’s and increased prices for used car purchases. It has become more attractive and more affordable to lease a vehicle again.  images-1

Leasing is a affordable way to drive an expensive car. It’s a great way to get consumers into a luxury car such as a Cadillac, or BMW. Customers who lease vehicles also tend to be more loyal to a certain brand, such as Ford or GM.

Luxury Brand Car Manufactures are again increasing incentives for customers to lease a vehicle.

The Automotive Industry research firm has reported that auto leasing has risen from 7.2% of car sales in August to 12.8% in October.

The Top 10 most popular cars to lease in North America are:

  • BMW 3 Series cars
  • Mini Cooper
  • Mercedes C Class cars
  • Toyota Camry
  • Cadillac CTS
  • Mercedes SL Class
  • Land Rover LR3
  • Lexus IS 250
  • BMW X series cars
  • Mercedes GL Class cars

With lower lease rates, more incentives for customers to lease, auto warranty, and  the attraction of driving a new model vehicle, it’s no wonder leasing is making a comeback.

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