It should be obvious, yet many people skip this very important step. Calling before digging, trenching, and even pounding in stakes, can save a lot of expensive problems by preventing damage to underground utilities. 811 Call Before You Dig

The fact is, that it is never a wise move to do any type of groundwork without first having the utilities in the area located. By simply dialing 811 you can reach your local Call-Before-You-Dig office, and have utilities in the area located. Finding out where everything is before doing any digging or trenching can prevent expensive damage to water and sewer lines, underground electrical wires, and telephone and fiber optic cables. Not to mention, preventing the risk of injury, that may occur.

The rental contract between the rental company and the renter may put the responsibility on the renter to have the utilities marked. But in some places the rental company is still held responsible if a utility line is damaged. So it is best practice for the equipment rental company to make the call, and have underground utilities properly marked.

Another important, yet often overlooked safety concern, is that when installing event tents, the stakes used for securing the tent to the ground, can go deep enough to hit underground utilities, as well. So it is important for event rental companies to have utilities located at any site where an event tent is being set up.

August 11 is National 811 day, a day set aside by the Common Ground Alliance? to promote homeowner, farmer and contractor awareness of underground utilities through the use of the National 811 Call Before You Dig phone number.

Remember to discuss this important safety issue with rental store employees, and with renters renting tools and equipment.