Although Bounce House rentals and inflatable rentals can be very fun and entertaining at a party or event, they can sometimes turn dangerous, particularly in windy conditions. Recently in New York, at a soccer tournament, high winds blew away some bounce houses, with children trapped inside, and 13 people were injured. use caution when renting inflatables for your event

Sadly this was not an isolated incident. Bounce houses and inflatables are one of the most dangerous event attractions. Inflatables are especially prone to blowing away or flipping over in high winds, toppling, and even collapsing. There are literally dozens and dozens of accidents involving inflatables, some with serious injuries, and even deaths, documented on the site

Even when properly anchored, as the bounce houses in the New York incident supposedly were, high winds can be just too much for inflatables.

Probably the most sad thing when it comes to accidents involving inflatables, is that usually the victims are young children.

For safety reasons, some event rental companies make sure to install the inflatables at your event for you. To go a step further, some event rental companies, in certain areas prone to high winds, will not rent inflatables for your event if the forecast is for strong winds, on the day of your event.

These rental companies will offer refunds or a substitute rental for your event, citing that safety is the most important thing. And considering that it is mostly children who use bounce house rentals, and inflatables, most people will agree, and want to put their children's safety first.

If you can't have inflatables at your event, due to heavy winds in the forecast, there are plenty of other activities for children, and adults, that are just as entertaining, and much more safe. Check with your Party and Event rental company for substitute rentals like carnival games, sports related games, Sumo suits, a mechanical bull, a dunk tank, and other amusing games and attractions. There are lots of great options when it comes to event rentals, and plenty of ways to make your event entertaining, and safe.

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