Earth Day is on April 22. For many communities there will be Earth Day Events being held to raise awareness, and encourage people to make green living choices for themselves. Make an Earth Day Pledge

Events will include Live Music, Educational Speakers, Workshops, and showcase Eco-Friendly products. But the whole point of Earth Day is to foster a sense of environmental responsibility in everyone, and get people to commit to eco-friendly changes in their own lives, by doing such things as taking the pledge for One Billion Acts of Green.

There are many kinds of pledges that you can make to lessen your environmental footprint. From the basic, such as pledging to recycle, not using plastic water bottles, growing a backyard garden, or riding your bike to work, to the bigger changes, such as incorporating solar power into your home, there is something that each and every one of us can do.

Today I’d like to talk about another type of lifestyle change that individuals and communities can make to reduce their environmental impact, renting. Renting is the very embodiment of one of the 3-R’s, Reuse. But it also helps to Reduce waste. When a single item is used by many, the energy that goes into the manufacturing of more of these items, and the distribution of them, is greatly reduced.

When you think about it, does each and every household in the suburbs need their own lawnmower? What if one family owned it, and 3-4 other families rented it from them? Yes, there might be times when everyone wants it on the same weekend, but with a little planning everyone would get their turn, and a few families together could reduce their environmental footprint.

The same could be said for a great many different tools and equipment. Pressure washers, garden tillers, cordless drills, air compressors, ladders, and many other items. The list could go on and on. Within a community different families could own different items, and everyone would rent to each other when an item was needed. Renting, as opposed to borrowing, also sets time limits for everyone to respect, and also helps to keep up maintenance of the item.

This model would also have tremendous economic benefits for each family involved, when everyone doesn’t have to go out and purchase every single, occasionally used item, for themselves.

In the coming months will be making changes to our website so that Person to Person renting is more favorable, easier, and safer for all parties involved.

Just like car-pooling, there is a lot of planning and co-operation involved with Person to Person renting, especially if it’s within a community pool. But it’s something everyone can feel good about.

If you have thoughts or suggestions on how we can make this work better, and benefit all parties, we’d love to hear them. Please leave them in the comments. Pilocarpine 5 ml