A Volvo Rents rental store owner and his team in Spanish Fort, Alabama have painted one of their rental boom lifts canary yellow with brightly colored jigsaw pieces in an effort to raise money and awareness for Autism.rental boom lift raises autism awareness

The jigsaw graphics represent the pieces of the autism spectrum disorder, recognized nationwide as the symbol for understanding this condition.

The project is called “Color a Cause” and for the next year 20 percent of all revenue from the rental of this boom lift will go to a local high school in Spanish Fort, AL for a program called Project Reach. Project Reach will focus on improving the communication skills for autistic students, and help them to connect and better interact with non-autistic people.

Autism is a developmental disability with varying levels of severity. It often becomes apparent within the first three years of life, and affects communication skills and social interaction. An increasingly prevalent disease, recent statistical data suggests that as many as one out of every 150 children in the United States, will be diagnosed with autism.yard inflatables for sale

Miles Cook, the owner of the locally owned and operated equipment rental company, Volvo Rents, believes in supporting the community and local causes. As his own son is diagnosed with autism, he fully realizes how living with this disease affects families. Raising money for this cause that affects the community, and his own family, makes perfect sense to Cook, and his employees who are all aware of the challenges dealing with autism can bring.

“We just really felt like promoting autism awareness would draw the most benefit from this community. It is so critical—being part of the business community—to give back wherever we can, especially during these difficult economic times we’re all in,” Cook said..

The project which took 8 months to complete, will hopefully be a very visible way to promote autism awareness and raise money for the cause. Cook hopes to rent the boom lift to clients operating in high profile, visible, safe environments, as well as displaying the lift at rental industry events.