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New Recreational Drone Flying Laws in Canada

There has recently been a release of new recreational drone flying laws in Canada. If you’re flying for fun, read up on these laws and save yourself a huge fine of up to $3,000!

These laws apply for drones that weight more than 250g and do not exceed 35kg. At this size, users do not need special permission from Transport Canada to fly.

Do NOT fly your drone:

  • higher than 90m above the ground.
  • closer than 75m from buildings, vehicles, vessels, animals, people/crowds
  • closer than 9km from any aerodrome i.e. airport, heliport, seaplane base, or any place that an aircraft takes-off and lands.
  • within a controlled or restricted airspace
  • within 9km of a forest fire
  • anywhere it is possible to interfere with police or emergency services
  • at night or through clouds
  • if you cannot see your drone

It is also in the drone flying laws to clearly display your name, phone number, and address on your drone.

These laws are put in place in order to prevent interference with emergency services, aircrafts, and property. Please respect them and enjoy your airtime!

Flying drones is a great summer activity! Here are some tips for flying:

  • Keep your drone where you can see it with your own eyes. Limit the use of watching your drone through an onboard camera, monitor, or smartphone. This will reduce the risk of any accidents.
  • Fly your drone during daylight, and in good weather to avoid damage to your drone.
  • Always check the batteries and weather before your drone takes off. You don’t want to forget in case the batteries die mid-flight or the weather takes an unexpected turn and causes a flight issue.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Do not take photos/videos of property or people without permission.

Happy Flying!

Travel Tip: Don’t Pack It – Rent It

Vacations are a wonderful thing. Getting away from the city and going exploring is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But, let’s be honest. Packing your gear up to go hiking, camping, or adventuring can be such a hassle. Which is why Rentcharlie has the perfect solution!

You don’t have to pass on the things you want to do just because you didn’t have room for your bike, or your tent. Even if you forgot a crucial aspect of your gear, there is a way to rent it so you can enjoy your vacation the way you wanted to!

Now, when you go to a new city to explore, you can rent adventuring equipment from someone who lives there! This not only supports the sharing economy, but it lets your vacation be flexible. There are so many options of things to rent that you didn’t even know about. Why not explore them and have your best vacation yet?

The worst thing is being on vacation and wanting to do an activity, but not having packed the right gear. Sometimes, we want to have a round of golf but didn’t know there was a golf course. Or maybe you weren’t expecting great weather but it turned out nice and now you want to go kayaking. Anything you need to have a summer adventure is at your fingertips in the most convenient way possible. So, if you’re interested in saving room in your bag for more important things, sign up on Rentcharlie and get the gear you need to have the adventure you want.

Feeling like you want to get away?? If you live in Canada, you don’t have to go too far to get away. Check out this list of the best summer vacation spots in Canada eh! Just in time for the May Long Weekend!

Stay curious and always be seeking adventure.

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How renting benefits the environment

As we continue to churn out to meet consumer demand and as companies chase the kind of profits that cause more problems than solutions solved, there has to be some kind of solution created. It’s why, for many people, the act of rental and minimalistic living can be far more beneficial to their wallets, their mindsets and the environment.

Let’s take a look at why being a little more minimalist with our spending and our way of living could pay dividends for our grandkids, or our grandkids grandkids!

  • Less Waste. If we stop building so much, we stop taking up so much room. This world is terrible for lots of people in close proximity all owning the same item that none of them are using. If just one of them had made their item open for community rental, then none of the other people would have gone out to make that investment. Thus, less waste going into landfill sites that are going to contribute to the ruination of our planet.
  • Less Political Play. People are invested in their consumerist lifestyles, and governments and corporations play on that. Knowing people want their biggest and best innovations, it’s easy to sneak in environmentally damaging and degrading elements to our lives because it ‘creates jobs’ or ‘builds competition’ – well if we keep going at this rate, competition will be pointless as our planet will be uninhabitable eventually. If we can cut out a need to have our own personal copy of every innovation, we can cut down on the need to find drastic measures to save our planet.
  • More Income Ambition. If we knew that we could just go for a rental of anything we need, from a car to a games console, we would have more income. We’d stop saving up to buy something we don’t need or will have long stopped using in a few short months. Our income could be used for better, more ambitious projects. This could help to improve the world in so many ways, from making new industries to further innovation and creating whole new ways of living. We’d be more out there with our money if we didn’t keep saving up for the latest gadgets and toys each month!

Best of all? We’d all feel less guilty. We can only keep distracting ourselves with lavish purchases and cool technological advances for so long. Eventually the levy will break; trying to slowly transform ourselves into a sharing society again through rental and smart innovation of community might just stop that from happening, however.

The Benefits of Renting Instead of Buying

For many people, finding out what they want is more important than understanding if they need it. “What’s the best way for me to benefit?” is the most common question we ask ourselves. And, well, in 2017, that just so happens to point towards total consumerism. If you want to make your own life easier, you buy it. if you want to change something about your life, you invest in the solution.

It’s the rather murky and depressing way of the world today. However, for many people – especially those without disposable incomes – other solutions are needed. Rental, for example, allows people to get access to the things they need, when they need it. Rather than buying something outright that you only need, or will likely want, for a short period of time, why not just rent it?

The sharing economy that has been slowly created in front of us all is the perfect avenue to make that a possibility. People can now share and provide access to the kind of services, goods and facilities that in the past we would have gone alone to get access to.

This makes life easier for those without large incomes, but also for those with ambitions that stretch beyond their financial capabilities at present. To help you understand further why sharing and rental can be a better option for me, for you and for everyone else, let’s take a look at the major benefits of rental over purchase.

  • Saved Costs. You stop wasting money on products you wanted, rather than needed. This allows you to use what income you do have access to for buying the things that you need. Now when you want to have fun, experiment or try something new, you can rent it and save the costs for something more important.
  • Reduced Wastage. The world is building, and dumping, at a rate we cannot deal with. We have to do something about this, starting with reducing wastage. If we all began to rent rather than buying our own personal copy that suffers the same lack of use in a few days/weeks/months’ time, we would be doing a whole lot to stop that build-up of debris and waste.
  • Same End Results. You get the same result whether you buy it or whether you rent it. So long as you have it long enough to complete your task, then there is literally no benefit to buying it outright.
  • Helping Others. By renting you are giving someone else usage – and probably a financial or service-based return – for their help. Now instead of letting that item lie dormant and unused in another household, you can take it off their hands and make use of it instead. That’s a powerful and very invigorating thing to know.

With all of this in mind, are you still quite so keen to spend big on a full-time purchase?

Wouldn’t you rather rent? For anyone who needs something short-term or unaffordable, rental offers solutions buying never was able to.

Renting from Peers

For most people renting from a company is the only way to get something expensive, large or specific, temporarily. However, renting from peers may just be gaining the traction it deserves.

When wondering “how can I find the best rentals near me that are affordable?” you probably find yourself looking at just the most typical means of rental?

Well, you might be selling yourself short. Renting from a peer lets you use something from another person that is often far cheaper than going to a company. Renting from a private owner has other advantages that go along with price, such as convenience and even environmental considerations.

P2P rental, then, has become a bit of a phenomenon in recent years. Now, while private renting is a decades-old practice, P2P renting is a little bit different. The aim here is to carry out the whole process through a more streamlined and safely managed environment.

Renting, too, has become a service that breaks beyond just the property market. You could be renting a car, a tent, a bike, an apartment, a dress, whatever; the solutions for those without the cash to buy something outright is to rent it.

Renting from Peers Cuts Down on Wastage

For one, renting means we no longer buy things on impulse. If you want to do anything from play a video game to go for an invigorating cycle, you usually need certain tools and products to make that possible. With the help of peer rental processes, though, you can just borrow it from someone else.

You aren’t renting from some agency that is going to whack on all manner of stipulations and extra fees, either. No, you are working with a group who fully understand and appreciate that you are doing them as favor as much as the other way around.

How so? Because you stop them from having items just gathering dust, losing value. When you use a peer-to-peer rental service you give yourself access to what you need while making it easier for someone else to get better value out of their products and services.

For example, let’s say you borrow a cycle bike from a p2p renter. You just saved yourself money on buying a bike that you may never use too much again, and you just helped them avoid having a bike taking up space.

They spent good money on that bike, so it means they can get a bit of recurring value from the investment themselves. With rental of this kind you can make sure that all parties benefit, helping out your fellow person rather than going to a company that adds on its own prices and fees.

P2P rental isn’t just a fad; it’s built on logic!

How do I find Rentals near me?

Rentcharlie was founded on the principle that neighbours are our greatest resource for renting anything. Whether you’re looking for a bike rental, or a jetski, kayak, or tuxedo;  your neighbours are guaranteed to have what you need.  Try searching for something local today, or start listing a few of your own items.

The homepage is split into two parts.  The left side allows you to search for the rental you’re looking for. The right side leads you through the simple steps to start listing your own items for your neighbours to rent.

If you have any questions send us an email at



The Rencharlie blog is back!

Over the course of the coming weeks and months, we’re going to share lots of useful information, updates, and tips with you.  The goal being to help save people money, benefit local economies, foster a sense of community and help by reducing environmental waste.  These are issues we feel passionately about at Rentcharlie, and we hope that you enjoy being part of our community of local renters.

The site you now see is brand new and listings are growing every day.  We pride ourselves on the support we provide and the relationships we have with our users, so please contact us with any questions you have, improvements to the site that you would like to see, or topics you’d like us to cover on the blog.

We continue to evolve with the sharing economy by listening to our users’ wants, and innovating to make it faster and easier to get what you need, when you need it.  We believe that by Renting Anything we can Save Everything, and we look forward to changing the world one neighbourhood at a time with your help!

Renting Strengthens a Community has worked hard to become the place where people go to find the rental items they need. With well over a million rental items listed, and more being added every day, people can find nearly any kind of rental item, from all types of rental companies.

The Rental Community

But aside from being a place where people can find rentals for the common situations in life that require rentals, such as Travel, a Wedding or Event, or finding Rental Housing, we hope people will start to consider renting as an everyday option. Renting could become more commonplace, a way of life. Something that not just businesses do, but something that everyone can do. To save money, and to make money.

There are so many benefits that Renting can provide. Those people who are willing to rent out their seldom used stuff, could find themselves making a nice extra income, for very little effort. People who make renting a part of their life will find themselves saving money, when they don’t go out and buy each and every item that they only occasionally need.

Renting between individuals strengthens the communities we live in. It provides people with an opportunity to make a connection with new people. People with common interests, hobbies, and sports, will meet with other like minded individuals when they exchange rental items.

Renting also helps the environment. Many people reusing a single item to it’s fullest potential is definitely a way that we can work together to solve the environmental problems of the world, rather than continuing to add to them. provides the vehicle that individuals can use to connect with each other to set the rental revolution in progress. Use to list your rental items for free, or to find rental items available from others in your area. Then start reaping the benefits, and taking pride in all the social and environmental benefits.

Prince Edward Island, Canada-Summer Travel Destination

If you’re looking for holiday ideas for the summer, then a trip to Prince Edward Island is the perfect travel destination. On the East Coast of Canada, this small gem of an island has something to attract all age groups and interests. Prince Edward Island, Canada

With it’s gentle rolling hills, farmscapes with red earth, beautiful beaches, charming towns, and friendly people, Prince Edward Island has been capturing the hearts of visitors for many years.

If you decide to make the trip, you’ll find that there are plenty of things to do. During your visit to one of PEI’s many beautiful beaches, you may want to enjoy some watersports. Rent a kayak, a canoe, or even a sailboat, to enjoy some time out on the water. Or you can take a fishing boat charter to do some deep sea fishing.

Renting a bike, and pedaling along the many scenic roads, past farms, provincial parks, beaches, lighthouses, and quaint villages, is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this small island. Geocaching is another great way for families to take in the sights, and enjoy a favorite family past-time.

PEI has plenty of world class golfing, for every skill level of golfer to enjoy. With over 30 golf courses on the island, from World Class, extremely challenging courses, to family friendly courses, there is something for everyone.

There are plenty of charming places to stay when you visit PEI, including bed and breakfasts, cottages, and other comfortable Vacation Properties. As PEI is such a popular tourist destination, many residents have opened up their homes to provide tourist

accommodations, such as bed and breakfasts. Enjoy a relaxing stay, get acquainted with the locals, and enjoy a delicious breakfast to get you started each day.

If camping is more your style, there are plenty of camping spots all over the island. Rent camping gear, find the perfect camping spot, and then enjoy sunrises, and sunsets every day of your camping adventure. Prince Edward Island sunset

Prince Edward Island has plenty of cultural activities to enjoy, such as music, festivals, history, and many other events. They boast a fabulous culinary experience, particularly with fresh seafood, and lobster.

There is plenty to see, and plenty to do if you make the trip to Prince Edward Island.
Find all the rental items you need during your vacation, on

Renting Farm Equipment

Whether your farming operation is a small scale venture, or a large scale production, you may find that renting Farm Machinery and Farm Equipment may serve your
farm well, in certain situations.

Rent Farm Equipment Read more