Renting Tips

We’ve put together a few recommendations to ensure a smooth rental.

  • Search by item from the Home Page or search through different categories. Don’t see something you need? Contact us and we’ll help you find it!
  • Compare similar rental items by adding items to your virtual clipboard. Then pick out the best rental option for you.
  • Contact the owner. Ensure you are clear with the owner regarding length of rental and when you’ll be returning the item. Discuss deposit and total cost of rental.
  • Sign the rental agreement. This keeps everyone accountable!
  • Remember to bring a piece of ID so the Lister can verify who you are.
  • Have the owner start up and/or use the item to ensure you understand how it works, if necessary. Ask for a user manual if it’s something you’re unfamiliar with. Ensure you have all applicable parts, such as a power cord, etc.
  • Do a “walk around”; record or photograph any blemishes. This can be done in the rental agreement also.
  • After you’ve returned the item, give yourself a high-five for saving money and helping out the environment!

Listing Tips

We’ve put together a few recommendations to make sure renters find your listings ― and prevent a lot of back and forth - which will save everyone time.

  • Be specific. Give details about the product or property. For example, if your listing is for industrial or mechanical equipment, include specifications and requirements.
  • Mention extras. Specify what’s included in the rental price. For example, if it’s a cotton candy machine and basic supplies are included, mention that in the description.
  • Consider keywords. Think about what a renter will search for and try to include those words in your title and listing description.
  • Images are everything. Good, clear photos of the product or property can make all the difference. If you don’t have quality images, it’s worth the extra time to take them.
  • Is the price right? Setting a price that’s too high or too low could cost you, so keep your rates in line with the market. If you’re not sure what to charge, do a quick search on Rentcharlie to see how other listers have priced similar items.
  • Consider an appropriate security deposit for the item and request this from the renter before meeting in person.
  • Ensure you have the renter sign the rental agreement when he/she picks up the item – this is very important! We also recommend doing a “walk around” with the renter and recording any blemishes on the item.
  • Remember to take note of the renter’s ID. Write down the type of ID and number on the space provided at the bottom of the rental agreement. Take a photograph of the ID for your reference as well.