Costume Items

Hi there,

With Halloween just around the corner I have a number of costume items available for rent. These items are mainly for adults but some items can work for kids as well.

- Complete Steampunk costume which includes; Steampunk dress, Black crinoline, top hat, Hand covers, 1 eye looking glass, leather pouch belt, and a steampunk plastic gun.

- Long Black Matrix-style leather jacket.

- 2 Hoods; 1 fur cat ravers hood and 1 Tan silk hoid which can dueal as a veat if pinned.

- 2 Belt Rag Bustles; 1 is teal with earthy tones and 1 is blue silk with pink, purple and green tie die print.

- 2 sets of Arm Warmers; 1 is Black with changeable strings and 1 is navy blue

- 1 Rainbow Bustle.

- 1 Tan leather pouch belt.

Please email me for prices and to see more pictures. 

Thanks for checking out my add



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