About Us


Rent anything. Save everything.


Rentcharlie is a neighbour to neighbour, rent-anything website, where everyone can benefit from the growing sharing economy.

Mission Statement

We aim to lead the sharing economy to new heights with the goal of saving people money, benefiting local economies, fostering a sense of community, and helping reduce environmental waste.

Background and History

Rentcharlie has been reborn – under new ownership, and management. We are not a start up in the traditional sense, we are a re-start up. Rentcharlie has actually undergone almost a decade of transformations through trial and error. Through years of effort in gathering rental listings from thousands of companies, we now have a database that allows us to shift the focus of Rentcharlie to the individual.

The Future

We will continue to evolve with the sharing economy by listening to our users' wants, and innovating to make it faster and easier to get what you need, when you need it. Our goal is to have so many listings that whatever you need, big or small, you can get it from within your neighbourhood. We're going to achieve this in three steps. First is a great platform (check); second is the implementation of a marketing strategy that educates people about, and promotes our vision; and lastly, by putting in the time, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, we're going to spread the word, and change the world.