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Listed by: The Cat Rental Store

Phone: 7804552005

Fax: 7804552544

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Address: 4750 - 101 Street Edmonton, Alberta

The CAT Rental Store carries 2 way radios and chargers - perfect for your next job.

Purchase or rent - contact the store nearest you for details. 

Price: 0.0 $ / Day (Please contact)


The Cat Rental Store

At The Cat Rental Store we believe that our business success depends on providing excellent service and delivering safe, quality products to our valued customer. We will strive to meet the requirements of our customer by managing our operations in a truthful and honest manner. We believe that our integrity and reputation is based on our dedication to serving our customer in the most fair, courteous, safe and efficient way possible. To show our commitment; The Cat Rental Store will offer a 1 day free rental if we are not able to: a) Meet our customer guarantee; b) Deliver our equipment within 1 hour of quoted time; c) Deliver equipment that does not work when it arrives.

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