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    Arts and Entertainment Rental Companies

    - find movie rentals, video console and video game rentals plus musical instrument rentals.

    Electronics Equipment Rental Companies

    - brand name audio visual electronics for rent including computer rentals, camera rentals, home theatre system rentals and more.

    Rent Fashion Clothes Online

    - find the latest fashion wear for rent online including formal wear rentals for men and women plus rent fashion shoes, fashion jewelry and fashion accessories.

    Furniture & Home Decor Rental Companies

    - living room furniture rentals, dining room furniture rentals and bedroom furniture or kitchen appliances for rent; plus home decor rentals throughout the US and Canada.

    Home Health Care Equipment Rental Companies

    find online medical and home health care equipment rental companies plus online mobility aid rentals, wheelchair rentals and stair lift and bath aid rentals for seniors and disabled persons.

    Party Equipment Rentals & Event Planning Supplies

    - online party supplies rentals plus game rentals, chair rentals, table rentals and tent rentals you can even rent costumes, decorations and lighting equipment online; find complete event planning supplies and services in US and Canada.

    Production Equipment Rental Companies

    - Rent production equipment online including DJ equipment rentals, video and film recording equipment rentals and sound recording equipment rentals and accessories.

    Residential, Office & Commercial Property Rentals

    - Search online to find commercial properties for rent plus office space rentals, farm land leases and residential property rentals or lease to own homes.

    Rent Baby Gear; Toddler & Baby Rental Equipment

    - rent baby car seats, strollers, booster seats and baby furniture items plus baby products and supplies by brand names like Graco and Birtax.

    Rent Heavy Equipment, Trucks & Industrial Vehicles

    online heavy construction equipment rentals including heavy duty truck rentals, trailer rentals, dumpsters, bulldozers, cats, excavators and other industrial vehicles for rent.

    Passenger Van Rental Companies

    - Rent a passenger van online find cargo van rentals, minivan rentals and pickup truck rentals or rent a hummer, land rover, limo or SUV.

    Industrial Tool Rentals plus Contractor Tools & Supplies

    - Construction, contractor and industrial tools and supplies for rent in Canada and the US; everything from safety and paving tools rentals to plumbing equipment rentals and auto tool rentals.

    Sports Equipment Rentals plus Fitness & Recreation Rentals

    - Find a great selection of summer and winter recreation rentals as well as year-round sports equipment rentals like ATVs, dirt bikes and more.

    Rent Public Self Storage Space

    - Find public self storage rental companies online and rent storage space including on site storage containers for rent plus shed rentals, trailer rentals and more.

    Vacation Property Rental Companies

    - Find vacation properties for rent including beach villa rentals, mountain cabin rentals, bed and breakfast rentals and cottage rentals.

    Wedding Rental Supplies

    - Find wedding rental companies online and rent wedding tents, decorations, linen, reception venues and supplies plus wedding clothes and formal wear for rent.

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    Rentcharlie.com is the rental search engine where rental businesses, property managers and individuals display their rental items or services- allowing new customers and other businesses a smart website to search for the "stuff" they need to rent.

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    Why you should rent?

    Renting saves you money. When you consider the cost of a new drill ($59-$159) compared to the cost of renting one ($5-$10 a day) it makes sense to rent. If you need something only once or even once in a while you will save your hard earned dollars by renting.

    Renting saves space. It's usually during spring cleaning that we notice all our "stuff" piling up in our garages or basements. Some of us have so much "stuff" that we have to put some of it in storage. Maybe we never really needed all that "stuff" in the first place. Renting what you need, when you need it stops some of that "stuff" from piling up saving you space and time.

    Renting helps the environment. Every time we buy something new there is considerable waste. Manufacturing, distribution, and packaging have a serious and negative impact on the environment. When we rent we re-use products as opposed to over-consuming products unnecessarily. The less "stuff" being made is better for our planet which is better for all of us.

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